Stefan Thomson


No Douche Bag

How do you, as a public transportation company, keep relevant and help customers during a pandemic, when no one wanted to be near anyone? The idea was born out of travelling publicly for many years. A lot of people always put their bag next to them to avoid having someone else sitting next to them. The behaviour made it awkward for those wanting to sit and demanded interaction – alspo something the people of Gothenburg don’t like on the trams and buses. Then came the pandemic. Suddenly, that annoying bag became a natural and accepted fence to avoid close contact. From that insight and the idea of creating the no douch bag, this became a viral success talked about around the world. For a little tote bag with a few words written on it. All creative outtakes was done by the team in charge of the client, I just priovided a very solid insight and idea on what to do.

The campaign won Gold in the category Innovation, diploma in PR, Activation and Outdoor in Swedens largets Advertising Awards.